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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Listen up, jerks. Also, Christmas hopes.

Listen up, jerks. I am very busy fighting NeWASA on this whole burning water lawsuit. As it turns out, you can sue anyone for anything at any time. Who knew? Well, my attorney seems to think I have a very good case, or rather, a long series of cases against most of the richer civil and governmental institutions of this great city and country, don't you know, and his comtingency fees are very reasonable.

Eannyways, this lawsuit is taking up a lot of time with signing papers and hiring witnesses. If I've been remiss in my reviewings of where to drink in Philly, it's because duty calls. Just not jury duty I hope. Unless I could sit on the jury of one of my own cases. Now wouldn't that be fantastic? And very efficient too. Look, I'm just trying to help, you know. Too bad Judge M. Davies is still on mechanical sabbatical.

Also, some of you citizens have asked about my Christmas wishlist. I'll just point out that both these items would make lovely stocking stuffers.

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