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Monday, October 9, 2017

Truly we live in a new Golden Age

Oh my goodness, the wonders of reality tv shows and game shows and high-quality news on them 24-hours-a-day-a-week news channels is just amazing!  My neighbor Marvin finally paid all the overage charges on his cable bill that he claims not to know anything about and as soon as I got the splicer snuck back on his line, like magic the wonders of the freaking world were laid at my feet-eyeballs.

The very first thing I looked up on On Demand was Celebrity Family Feud.  I love how those Hollyweird FPs know all the answers!  It's like they're peering into all of our souls at once and feeding us back a post-industrial treatise on the epistemological challenges of living in a poly-centered society in which the clashes of traditional and future-leaning forces produce an ever-unfolding Homeric whirlwind, which we denizens of these times is destined to benefit from and suffer from, to degrees that will not be apparent until history nerds look back on us with curiosity and disgust.

Also, isn't it time for another Saved by the Bell reunion?

Here's Marvin.  He's such a wisecracker.

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